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These are just a few of the many reviews from our lovely customers.  
(Actual comments can be seen at the gym or on our Facebook page)


"Popped up to have a nose around last week and signed up on the spot, perfect gym for those who just want to get on with it!

Friendly people, good atmosphere.  Love this place!"  T.E.

"This place is brilliant!  Free help and advice when needed!  Very friendly staff and members, really recommended!"  S.C.

"Great Gym!  They are super friendly and helpful and do some awesome offers.  Just had a PT session with Dave, gonna feel that

tomorrow! ;-)"  L.S.

"What a lovely gym!  Staff are so friendly as are all the members.  Spinning was fab and the class was full of lovely people!  

Would definitely recomend this gym!  Only down-side was my [work] course ended and had to leave Salisbury!"  J.H.

"I shall be 78 years old in June.  I cannot walk for more than a few yards without a rollator.  The muscles in my arms, legs and back were

beginning to deteriorate and I was becoming very decrepit.  A few months ago, I joined Gymies gym in Salisbury and go there for two

half-an-hour sessions a week.  During these sessions I use various pieces of apparatus and am always accompanied by either Dave, the

owner, or Martin, his assistant.  They assess my condition on the day and change the weights accordingly.  So, for £3.50 a session, I have

the undivided attention, care and expertise of a personal trainer.  The physical condition of this 'oldie' has improved considerably.  

Thank you, Gymies." S.D.

"Friendly lovely gym with banging tunes! Encouraging uplifting people to help !"  K.B.

"This is where the inspiration for fitness started for me.  When I started training it was exactly what I needed; friendly and informative staff

that I would like to thank for getting me where I am today - as Southampton's strongest man and a very successful personal trainer who's

competing at Britain's strongest man qualifiers this year. Once again thank you Gymies ..... Where everybody knows your name :-)"   R.M. 


"I came along on Saturday and really enjoyed it. Just wanted to convey my thanks to Martin who provided me with a great walk through on each item and was careful not to get me doing too much first time around (I still ached a bit on Sunday but that’s to be expected! J )  Looking forward to coming along again..."  A.G.

"I've been going to the gym since Feb 2009.  Best thing I've ever done, not only has my fitness improved I've made some really good friends and the staff are great.  The best thing about Gymies is it doesn't matter if you're fat, thin, disabled or 'normal' - you will always feel welcome, and it's fun".  K.W.

"It's an excellent fitness gym - I recommend it to anyone..."  J.K.

"Coming to Gymies has changed my life.  Not only have I gained confidence but I have toned and re-shaped my body.  I have met some lovely people and enjoy my workout.  The greatest thing about Gymies is that all generations are made really welcome..."   S.B.  


"Friendliest gym I have ever been to."   D.S.



 "Oh my god everything aches today!!!! But I LOVE IT!! No pain no gain and all that, - looking forward to next time!  Thanks to all of you for being so lovely and very welcoming and not being pretensious!!!!!  It makes all the difference! ;)"   C.P.  


 "... Having provided Dave with a potted history of my 'issues', he then set to work providing me with a fitness regime, specifically tailored to my needs.  Over the course of the next few weeks, during which time I attended the gym on average 3 times a week, I gradually began to feel fitter inside - more roomy, which was a very odd feeling.  My stamina had improved beyond all measure and my body externally began to look and feel more toned.  I had also lost some weight, which was a bonus.  My spirits were lifted and I had a zest for life that I had not had in years.  So much so that when I took my husband on holiday to Turkey for his birthday I was able to wear a beautiful new bikini with confidence.  The 'all-in-one cosy' was left at home!!  Thanks to Gymies I am much fitter and healthier in every way and although I am still what Dave refers to as "work in progress" what I consider I have achieved thus far is all down to having a regular fitness regime and a healthier diet.  My GP is also extremely pleased and considers that Gymies has worked wonders for me.  I cannot thank Dave and his team enough for what they have helped me achieve in the first half of this year, and for the cheerful and friendly atmosphere they promote through their continuous infectious enthusiasm and professionalism.  For me Gymies is a way of life and I look forward to all my fitness sessions with relish!!!! "   F.W.


"... As Gymies gives you an option to Pay-as-you-go I went for it.  And I love it since I'm 5 months down the line with my bodyweight improved and feeling more healthier and happier..."   S.M.


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