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Q: What's the busiest times?

A: Usually Monday and Tuesday evenings between 5pm and 8pm (Guilt from the weekend blow-outs we reckon!)  It gets quieter the further you go through the week.  Daytimes are normally less busy.  As in all popular gyms January is the busiest month (New Year's resolutions and all that!).


Q: I'm only visiting Salisbury for a few days - can I just pop in for the odd session?

A: Yes of course, we're very good at odd sessions - so to speak!.  You can simply come and have a single workout, or a week, or as many as you like, without any obligations or hassle. There's no compulsory induction needed; you simply pay for your session and away you go.

Q: Do you have a joining fee?

A: Nope!  We used to charge a joining fee of £5.00 but decided to scrap it and save you a few quid.  (We're lovely like that!)


Q: How long does a 'session' last?

 A: As long as you can go on for! There's no time limit on the sessions. (If you stay longer than 3 hours you have to clean and make the coffee though!)

Q: What equipment or free weights do you have? 


 A: We have: 1 x Sunbed, 1 x Sauna, 2 treadmills, 2 crosstrainers, 3 rowers (Concept), 3 bikes, 1 stepper, 5 air-powered resistance machines, 3 vibration toning plates and a fully equipped Free-Weight section, including a Cable-Crossover, Smith machine and Power Rack, and fixed dumbbells up to 50kg.  Plus all the usual varied weight machines you'd expect to find in a gym
And yes... we do have showers and FREE lockers.

Q: What should I wear?

A: Clothes are a very good idea!  In fact, we insist on them!  Seriously though, anything you feel comfortable in is ok with us except for heavy outdoor footwear and jeans.  Basically, a good pair of trainers and some comfy trackies or shorts are fine, it really is up to you.  We don't have 'things in thongs' at Gymies.  Everyone is just chilled out and very casual about it.  


Q: What's the minimum age for the gym, sauna and sunbed?

A: Gym minimum is 13 (To join - under 16's must be signed for on site by a parent/guardian, after that they can visit the gym on their own.  Note: They cannot use the free-weights area without prior instruction or supervision). 
Sunbed minimum is 18. 
Sauna minimum is 16.
(Please note: we have no creche or under 13 children's facilities.)

Q: Do you have parking or a bike rail?

A: Oh yes... we have FREE on-site parking and a rail to chain your bike or horse to!


Q: Is the gym full of hairy grunting men? 

A: No! In fact we have about the same number of women customers as men.  
(The temptation to put in a joke about 'hairy grunting women' was almost overwhelming, but it was resisted)


Q: I'm old/disabled/lazy - will the gym be right for me? 

A:  We have customers well into their 80's, we also have customers with varying degrees of disability and we have the odd customer who admits to being bone-idle.  We've managed to produce the ideal routine for each of them; one that they find fun and motivating.  Give us a ring for a confidential chat about your afflictions - we love a challenge...


Q: Do I have to have an induction?

 A: Not if you don't want one.  If you've been to gyms before you can just come in and go for it. There's always someone on hand in the gym to help and watch over you, and we're always happy to give you a quick 15 minute (FREE) induction if you like.


Q: Do you do one-to-one Personal Training sessions, fitness/dietary assessments and exercise program writing?

 A: Yes, we most certainly do.  If you want we will show you round, explain everything in user-friendly terms and set you up with a program card with all the exercises we recommend to achieve your goals. For this service we charge a one-off fee of just £15 and it will take around 45-60 mins.  If it's on-going Personal Training you fancy we charge very reasonable rates.  For a single session it's £12 for the hour or £8 for 30 minutes. (Please note: these fees are on top of your usual gym fees).

Q: Do you do classes?

A: Not in the gym (we don't have a studio) but YES we do LIVE ONLINE fitness classes.  Please ring for details. 


 Q: Do you have a swimming pool?

A: Ha!  We wish..!

Q: Can we just use the ladies only toning plates, sauna or sunbed, without going into the gym?

A: Yes of course.  You don't need to join the gym to just use the toning plates, sauna or sunbed.  You can just drop in when you like to use these facilities.


Q: Are the vibrating toning plates any good, and what do you do on them?

A: Yes, they're brilliant! (we wouldn't keep them if they were a gimmick.)  They tighten and tone the muscles very effectively. They make the muscles contract at over 40 times per second.  You simply stand, kneel or sit in various positions for only 30 seconds a time. A whole body toning session can be performed in around 10 - 15 minutes.  We have 3 types of plate to try.  Great if you're new to it all.


Q: What is the meaning of life?

 A: Ummm...


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