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Click here to see our prices from just £6.00 a session!

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What you see here is what you pay - no more!

 FREE JOINING!  Save £5.00 (well... every little helps!)

Special Offer = NO JOINING FEE.  Usually £5.00, we've decided to scrap the Joining admin fee and
save you a sexy fiver!  "It's not a huge amount but it's better than a poke in the eye!"


Cash or Card (All card types accepted)  

+ Discounts for Students, corporate and OAP's - scroll down further...

Personal Training costs
(Have your first trial session FREE on us - just ask)                                                                        

Ever wanted your very own Personal Trainer?  
Well now you can have one without breaking the bank.

Single full session  = £  16.00
8  full sessions        = £  96.00  (£12.00 each)

Short on time? 
Why not try our quick-fix 30 minute sessions.  At only £8.00 a session you can still get in shape and not drain all your cash!

You can have as many or as few sessions a week/month as you want.
(Please note:
Sessions last approximately 1 hour (or 30 minutes) and these prices are on top of your usual gym membership fees)

Why are your PT sessions such great value?

We already make our money from gym memberships, so we don't need to rip customers off by charging them a huge extra bill for Personal Training.  We can keep the prices very reasonable, so hopefully this will enable you to buy more sessions with us and benefit from a lot more of what you really want.  This also helps our PT's give you better results, because the more sessions you have the greater the results!  Everyone's a winner!

Sunbed session fees: 
LOOK >>> Now 18 minutes for the price of 16

Our Helionova Sunbed is a powerful 200 watt, 18 minutes, 48 tube, lie-down bed.

LOOK >> You don't need to join the gym to use our sunbed - It's open to all.

FEES (You set your own time up to 18 mins):

1 session:    £6.95   Now only £6.50 per 18 minute session

3 sessions:  £19.35   Now only £18.00    (Just £6.00 per session)

Sessions are up to a maximum of 18 minutes long (you set your own time).  
We don't charge you extra for the longer sessions;  it's one price for all session lengths. 
Session time is entirely up to YOU, depending on your skin type and current tan.  
FREE temporary eye protectors too! 


(Please note: By law you must be 18 or over to use a sunbed)


Gym Discounts:

1. STUDENTS... Are you a College student or at University?

Calling all N.U.S card or College card carriers - If you're carrying any in-date College or N.U.S card you can take advantage of our great student discounts:



Student discount per session = £ 4.99 cash or card (that's a huge 20% off - usually £ 5.99)

Student discount per month  = £18.50
 cash or card (a blistering 40% off - usually £29.99)
*Use our Loyalty Card and your monthly fee is only £15.00

This is NOT a contract and can be paid at the till.  
You can also visit anytime we're open, day or evening.  
Pop in to see us for an application form...


 2. CORPORATE PACKAGE: (= 3 or more joined from your workplace)

Was £14.85 - now only £12.50 per staff member per month for unlimited use.  
Paid in advance by monthly Direct Debit.  (This is NOT a contract).  

Please ring 01722 410489 for more details


3. RETIRED?... or on BENEFITS? - Reduced session fees:

 For O.A.P's and those on disability or unemployment benefits (letter proof required) the per-session fee is just £4.99 (20% off)


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