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10/9/2017 11:39:34 PM
Test, just a test
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Dave Taylor
9/25/2017 8:25:49 AM
It's ALL about you... not about the gym!
Hi everyone...

Just a quick note to remind you of something... when you look round a new gym, don't spend too much time judging the kit they have. After all, it's not about the kit but about your attitude. You won't get any fitter, or slimmer, if the machines are all brand new and gleaming, as opposed to older and less sparkly ones! Just judge your new gym on it's atmosphere and friendliness. If that is right then you will enjoy your time there and do more.
A brand spanking new gym with the most expensive top-of-the-range gear won't get you any fitter! IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU AND YOUR WORK ETHIC. Now, go get 'em Tiger...
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May, 2016
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